What principles should be followed for machining?


Ved bearbejdning skal følgende fire principper følges:


Først emnet efterefterbehandling: the main surface efterbehandling (grinding, honing, finishing, rolling forarbejdning, etc.) should be carried out in the final stage of the process, the surface roughness after forarbejdning Ra0.8um or more, a slight collision will damage the surface, in Japan, Germany and other countries, after efterbehandling are protected with fleece cloth.


For det andet, dividerforarbejdning stages: the surface with high quality requirements is divided into forarbejdning stages, generally can be divided into three stages: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. Easy to arrange the main conducive to ensure the forarbejdning quality of the reasonable use of equipment heat treatment process, and easy to find the blank defects, etc. 


Third, the first forarbejdning reference surface: the forarbejdning process, the first forarbejdning as a positioning reference surface, to provide the correct benchmark for the forarbejdning of the later processes. Called the "benchmark first".

Four, before and after the hole: box, bracket and connecting rod and other components, must be processed first plane forarbejdning holes. In this way, the hole can be positioned in the plane forarbejdning, to ensure the positioning accuracy of the plane and hole, to facilitate the forarbejdning of the hole on the plane. HXTech bearbejdede dele producent Som 15 år afbearbejdningsoplevelse fabrikkan give dig kvalitetsomkostningsanalyser og smukke priser, send en e -mail med det samme for at give dig de optimale bearbejdningsløsninger -info@machinedpartshx.com