Hvordan udfører en bearbejdningsfabrik bearbejdning


Machining manufacturers want to make their factories bigger and better. In addition to customer service, site staff, etc., the most important thing is the processing technology. They must firmly hold the technology in their hands and be able to do well in the workpieces that other manufacturers are not good at. There is one more competitive bargaining chip in the market, but this project is very complicated, including casting, welding, etc., each has a lot of attention, and the process must be properly grasped, so how to perform machining?

1. Plan development

Machining manufacturers with good quality and good after-sales service must first specify the plan. This part needs to work closely with the company and communicate daily. Some companies’ internal arrangements are not reasonable. They always have one idea a day. In order to make more profits, always If you want to produce more parts, machining manufacturers must pay attention to such customers, and try not to change the finalized plan, otherwise it will affect the follow-up progress.

2. Choose production materials

After deciding on the plan and signing the contract, the popular machining manufacturer will start the selection of materials. The manufacturer can choose with the company’s docking personnel. Different parts and components correspond to different raw materials, so you should buy those that are easy to process. With reasonably priced raw materials, the more experienced employees in machining factories can usually recognize the quality of the materials at a glance.

3. Carry out processing and production

After the preliminary preparations are made, the production work should be carried out step by step. In the face of large projects with heavy tasks and workloads, the factory generally establishes an assembly line and assigns them to different positions according to the type of workers. The tasks are different, but they all need to work together, keep in sync, and have a good deployment, and the production speed will be very fast.

Machining manufacturers are all auxiliary processes except for processing. Although these auxiliary operations are not the focus of the project, they cannot be ignored, such as transportation, storage, and power supply. How to transport a large amount of raw materials to the factory? After bringing it back to the manufacturer, some materials require a special storage environment, how to arrange the warehouse, and the power guarantee when the machine is running, etc. need to be considered.